Sketched this lady yesterday. Yes, she has two right arms. I debated adding a mask to make her seem like a heroine. It seems like masks aren’t as common these days, though. Perhaps because there are so many other comic genres now, or maybe because they don’t need a hide behind secret identity. Do you let people see the real you?

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At work there is a hallway lined with picture frames and each employee gets one to display any photo they wish. It’s a great way to personalize the office. A few weeks ago I organized an update so I could give frames to new people. There was such an interest I even expanded the photo hallway idea to another floor of the office. I made a little sketch for each empty frame until its new owner brought in a photo, so there would be something more fun than a blank frame on the wall. Here are a few of the sketches.

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The Deseloper is a cross between a designer and a developer, a highly desirable trait these days. When I heard the term, I pictured some kind of urban wild animal. I also like Designoper, but that doesn’t bring any mystical animals to mind.

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Addys in Wonderland

I created 4 giant-sized illustrations of characters from Alice in Wonderland for the annual advertising award show in Fargo called the Addys. You could put your face in the holes and get your photo taken. I also did some Cheshire Cat animations for the event. These were really fun to do.

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The next installment of cute illustrations for the Red River Zoo. An adorable wolf.




Here’s the first illustration for the Red River Zoo, a meerkat with a cake. I’m working on a series of these cute critters for the Zoo to use. I used my new brush pen for the hand-inking and a giant tablet for the digital coloring.